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Ambulance Response Leads To $900,000 Verdict

A jury recently awarded M. Blake Heath’s client $900,000 against the City of Kansas City, Missouri for failing to properly respond to an emergency call at a local hospital.  The underlying events took place in June of 2011.  The client started experiencing chest pain the evening of June 22nd and quickly went to a local emergency room.  The emergency room …

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Luke Baker v. Elsie Filo and Atlas Cab Company

M. Blake Heath and Scott Waddell with the Waddell Law Firm successfully obtained a jury verdict for Luke Baker after he was hit by a cab while driving his motorcycle. On August 2, 2010 at 1:00 a.m., Luke Baker was traveling north on Grand Boulevard when he entered the intersection of Grand and Pershing. Upon entering the intersection, Plaintiff was …

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Vehicle Accident Settlement: Wollman v. Frentz and Safeco

Case Description – Patricia McCleary was run over in a cross walk in Kansas City, Kansas by defendant Frentz. Patricia was retired and had no children or spouse, but was survived by her sister, plaintiff Wollman. Because both the plaintiff and defendant lived in Missouri, suit was brought in Jackson County. That proved hugely important in this case due to …

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Vehicle Accident Settlement: Edmond v. Palmer

On December 17th, Mrs. Edmond was stopped on a two lane road with her left hand turn signal on. Michael Palmer rear-ended my client going almost 60 mph, pushing her into an oncoming vehicle. Mrs. Edmond was cut out of the vehicle and life flighted to KU Hospital in Kansas City. Mable Edmond sustained a closed head injury and was …

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Insurance Company Pays Policy Limits on Pre-existing Injury Case

Farmers Insurance Company agreed to pay the $100,000 policy limits on case involving pre-existing injuries to the back. The plaintiff was injured in a wreck on February 21, 2009. Two month prior to the wreck the plaintiff had undergone back surgery to treat pressure on the spinal cord caused by bulging vertebrae. Her treating doctor, Dr. Robert M. Drisko, reported …

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Personal Injury Wrongful Death: Coen v. EZ Recovery

This equitable garnishment action arose after a judgment in a personal injury suit. On March 23, 2001, plaintiffs sued EZ Recovery and Charles Hensley in the Circuit Court of Greene County, Missouri for injuries resulting from a collision which injured Rodney Coen and killed his brother, Christopher Coen. Charles Hensley was operating the vehicle while repossessing cars for EZ Recovery. …

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