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When someone sustains a catastrophic injury or is killed on the job, it is usually a matter of consulting a workers’ compensation attorney and letting your employer’s insurance compensate you for your injury. If that workplace accident results from the negligence of a third party—a subcontractor who leaves a gas line open that causes an explosion or a contractor’s employee causes a wreck—then you may be able to collect more than the set worker’s compensation limits. At M. Blake Heath, Trial Attorney LLC, we have the experience and resources to help you recover from catastrophic workplace injury when there is third party liability.

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In many situations, work injury is part of the landscape. Although general contractors and employers have a duty to maintain a safe workplace, third parties such as subcontractors, suppliers, and maintenance workers make this ideal impossible and create an environment where there might be a serious or even fatal accident. An inexperienced workers’ compensation attorney might advise you to avoid a lawsuit, take the settlement, and move on. At M. Blake Heath, Trial Attorney LLC, our attorneys know that a workplace accident caused by the negligence of a subcontractor, supplier, or defective product demands the skills of experienced personal injury attorneys to get the maximum recovery and to help your employer reduce its worker’s compensation liens.

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At M. Blake Heath, Trial Attorney LLC, we are a Kansas City personal injury law firm that believes responsive, conscientious, and client-centered service. We have the resources to tackle complex, long-term cases that other attorneys might have given up on. Our dedication to our clients has brought us great success, as both our track record of verdicts and settlements and the many awards and honors from our peers show. We are able to handle complex personal injury claims, including truck accidents, catastrophic personal injury, and insurance bad faith claims, among others.

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If you have been catastrophically injured or are making a wrongful death claim in a workplace accident where there might be third party liability, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at M. Blake Heath, Trial Attorney LLC.

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