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Insurance Company Pays Policy Limits on Pre-existing Injury Case

Farmers Insurance Company agreed to pay the $100,000 policy limits on case involving pre-existing injuries to the back. The plaintiff was injured in a wreck on February 21, 2009. Two month prior to the wreck the plaintiff had undergone back surgery to treat pressure on the spinal cord caused by bulging vertebrae. Her treating doctor, Dr. Robert M. Drisko, reported …

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Wrongful Death: Carol J. Long v. Lucas W. Dray & Shelter Insurance

This is a complicated case involving two little known insurance coverage principles – setoffs and stacking on underinsurance coverage. Vernie Long died in a car accident. The defendant was Lucas Dray, a young man ultimately convicted of man slaughter. Dray only had $50,000 in insurance coverage. The Long family then turned to their own insurance carrier, Shelter, for underinsured motorist coverage. Shelter Insurance Company took …

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Wrongful Death: Lero v. Mace / Lyons

Paul and Carolyn Lero sued Robert Lyons for the death of their daughter Denise Marie Greene on a theory of negligent entrustment. On October 11, 2008, Ms. Greene was driving on 291 Highway near CRD Home Farm Road in Cass County, Missouri. Adam Mace was driving a gold 2007 Toyota Corolla, on Highway 291 near Farm Home Road in Cass …

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Kim Markley v. MHTC (Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission)

Case Description – On September 28, 2006 at approximately 4:15 p.m., Rickey Howes was driving his Red 1991 GMC 3500 truck with an attached trailer traveling westbound on Route C toward Missouri 41 Highway in Saline County, Missouri. As Mr. Howes approached Missouri 41, he began to apply his brakes and immediately began sliding. Mr. Howes was unable to stop …

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Olivia Ware v. Charles A. Johnson: Wrongful Death Verdict

Case Description – Plaintiff received $175,000 in the wrongful death lawsuit of a father she’d never met. Eddie Washington was riding in Charles Johnson’s car in March 2007. When the two were near 39th Street and Prospect Avenue in Kansas City, an officer saw Johnson run a red light and drive erratically. The officer turned on her lights, but Johnson …

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Robin Berhorst v. Liberty Towing, Brian Mason, Barbara Tucker.

Case Description – Plaintiff Robin Berhorst was sandwiched between a tow truck and another car in a three-vehicle collision. He settled his Clay County case against the other drivers for $890,000. Barbara Tucker was driving a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis South on U.S. 69 Highway in Clay County, Missouri. Tucker allegedly stopped in the middle of the driving lane, rather …

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